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AN APPEAL FOR NEW YEAR-2011-New year is knocking the door with this I have completed 3150 verses of Hamd in Hindi based on the teachings of Quran, the total project to write 10000 verses will be completed till 2015 INAHALLAH. In new year we are also planning to start classes to teach Quran to Quran illiterate adults in Delhi slum and low cost area, they will also be provided Rs. 20 per day stipend to spare time to learn Quran-Inshallah. I earnestly request all Face Book friends to gift Quran to Quran illiterate in their surroundings in the new year. Their effort will not only spread the message of Quran but also help in strengthen the feeling of Quran to unite humanity to make this earth a peaceful abode.

Pandit Mustafa, Chairman, Quran Literacy Program Foundation, Delhi

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New Delhi,18th July 2010, Pandit Mustafa Arif presented Hamd and Meri Dua Madare Watan ke naam, in Ghalib Academy Delhi, under the banner of Indian Peace Mission and Suraiya Talimi,Samaji Foundaton. Program was presided by Nawab Shah Mohammad Shuaib Khan Great Grand Son of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Pandit Mustafa Arif was accorded felicitation for his commendable work of writing longest Hamd in Islamic History.


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01 Jun 2010, NewAgeIslam.Com
Pandit Mustafa Arif pens the longest Hamd in Islamic History

Hindi Hamd of 10000 verses inspired by Quran will take 5 years to complete.

Till today 2232 verses in 4 volumes are written

By New Age Islam Edit Desk

Pandit Mustafa Arif is basically a journalist, Hindi Poet and Author from Ujjain Madhya Pradesh, now permanently residing in Delhi. Currently he is engaged in a major task to write Hamd in Hindi consisting of 10, 000 verses, which will take at least five more years to complete. Working since 4th April 2008, till today he has completed writing of 2, 232 verses in 4 volumes, each volume containing 558 verses. To spread this work among the masses he has founded Quran Literacy Program (QLIP) Foundation in Delhi, which will undertake programs to make adults Quran literate, survey of Quran knowing people and to develop a Quranic Park.

Pandit Mustafa says his work is based on the inspiration derived from the study of the Holy Quran. His mission is to convey the message of Allah to the masses through the Quran.

It was his long-cherished desire to render the Holy Quraan into Hindi poetry, but as it is said “Man proposes and God disposes”, he could not write more than 2 lines in the last 20 years. But two years ago, during his regular Quran recitation, while he was reciting verse nos. 22, 23 & 24 of chapter 59 part 28 on 4th April 2008, Allah (SWT) bestowed him few lines in Hindi and a new hymn started coming into existence. The journey seemed to have begun all of a sudden and the longest Hamd started taking shape. The Hamd may be called a Sufi song in simple Hindi-Urdu. Hamd is a form of poem composed to praise Allah, Ishwar or God. Though the entire work is based on the Quraan, it is more on the inspirational side rather than word to word transformation and bears the impact of contemporary conditions and incidents aimed at uniting humanity on one common platform called Allah-Subhanahu.

Pandit Musata clarifies that “There are a lot of misconceptions, some time due to the acts of a few misguided men, in our community itself, regarding Islam in the country. The Hamd project in Hindi will bring out the innate goodness in the Quran Sharif”.

He said further that modern generation does not have time to understand the word of Allah or God nor they have inclination toward this to follow. To lead a successful life and to get favour of God it is necessary to understand the teachings and way of life described in the Quraan or Islam by Allah for the benefit of human being.

Pandit Mustafa always believes in communal harmony and takes active participation in the religious activities of all religion. He was the member of the campaigning committee of Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain and chairman of publicity committee of Balhanuman temple Ujjain. Title of Pandit and Prashuram Shri were conferred on him in the national convention of All India Brahmin Samaj in the auspicious presence of Shankracharya of Bhanpura Peeth Swami Divyanandji Tirth and Late Agni Pithadhishwar Acharya Swami Prakashanandji. This honour was given to him for his commendable contribution to communal harmony.

In his journalistic career spanning 35 years, Pandit Mustafa has achieved several mile-stones. He was the Press Secretary to Union Social Justice & Empowerment Ministry and Chief Editor of Maulana Azad Education Foundation of Govt. of India.

He has served as Director, Media of Kenya National Democratic Alliance & Director Program and Marketing of Sound Asia FM of Nairobi. He is best known as an investigative journalist and anchor of several prominent programs including AMNA-SAMNA on Sahyog Cocos channel of Madhya Pradesh India.

His program Majlise Shaame-Ghareeban on Sound Asia FM Nairobi Kenya got tremendous response from the listeners. He has been a regular writer of political satires in verse form for a Hindi Daily and the collection his political satires titled Ye Dil Mange Aur has been compiled and published by Hindi Sahitya Niketan. He is also famous for his ‘One Poem A Day’ from 15th December 2004 to 25th December 2004 on the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This work was later compiled in a Book titled Dharti Par Hai Atal Mahan.

Apart from his longest Hamd wrting project, he is also writing Hamdia Rubais in Hindi based on small Ayats of Quran. His hamd reciting program is gradually getting popular throughout the country with presentations in Delhi, Dehradun and Haridwar.

We are presenting some of his hymns ( hamds) in Hindi for our readers below:


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  • That's what's up mos' definitely a great thing is a good thing and a good thing is a great thing for sure! – Asil Salam from New California commented on Blog of Pandit Mustafa in Myspace.

  • Dhikr is the thing. I hope you complete the longest sufi ramayana. May be during intervals you can publish them here.As long as we have love for the fellow humans, this world is beautiful and plentiful. I do hope your numbers grow.I enjoyed my visit to Ajmer.-bala Krishna, Vienna,24-03-2010

  • May Allah reward you and protect you on your trip!! Inshallah you will be the new record holder!!!!- A muslim girl from New York, United States

  • As Salaamu' Alaikum Brother Mustafa... And May Allah; Al Barr; The Source Of All Goodness Guide and Protect You In Your Endeavors... Masha' Allah... Fi Aman Allah... Sultan Abdul Hafiz-Bilal, OCEANSIDE, California
    United States

  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khancommented

    Khuda aapko apki manzil tak pahunchaye aur kamyab kare.

  • May Allah reward you and protect you on your trip!! Inshallah you will be the new record holder!!!!- A muslim girl from New York, United States

  • As Salaamu' Alaikum Brother Mustafa... And May Allah; Al Barr; The Source Of All Goodness Guide and Protect You In Your Endeavors... Masha' Allah... Fi Aman Allah... Sultan Abdul Hafiz-Bilal, OCEANSIDE, California
    United States

  • ....· I couldnt wait after hearing your verses of hamd in your voice ,To convey my feelings, Allah showers all his blessing on you, It has been writen by the guidence of the almighty and it is the need of the hour for us .Words can not describe the emotion i experienced hearing the hamd .Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor from tongue If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, that is illumination of heart. I will be highly honoured to be of some help to you although i am nothing compared to the project you have taken up and Inshaallah you will complete it by His help. In the word of Rumee the great sufee poet- Don't look at your form, however ugly or beautiful. Look at love and at the aim of your quest. ... O you whose lips are parched, keep looking for water. Those parched lips are proof that eventually you will reach the source.' Rumi – HAMID HASAN, BANGLAA ..FILM.. DIRECTOR ...... ..·

  • Would love to read a bit of your literature...let me know whenever it is accessible on your page or a web site or else...greetings! - Guillaum Barraud , ....Paris.., ..France....

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  • My name is Joshua, I'm a disciple of Ms. Patel. Your poem sounds absolutely fascinating. I'm sure my Guruji would be very interested in it as well. Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help. Tat Tvam Asi! namaste, Josh. - Hasu Patel, Classical, ....WESTLAKE.., ..Ohio.. ..United States....,

  • Here's wishing you all the very best in your labour of love... it certainly sounds like a very interesting project. Thanks for adding us as Friends. All the best, Sanjo and Chandrani, Acoustic / Pop / Alternative, Acoustic / Pop / Alternative, ....New Delhi.., ..India........

  • Best of luck with this worthwhile task, pleasure to have you on board. 'Guitar Virtuoso DAVE SHARMAN ' United Kingdom

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  • I admire your steadfast belief and I wish you every success with your project. But I cannot put myself forward as I am a non-believer and indeed if I am wrong I will find out on the day of judgement. Please send me the poem when it is done I would love to read it. Till then may you find blessings for your work. Fayyaz Virji, Jazz / Soundtracks / Film music / ....Classical.., ..UK........

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  • Mustafa, you are doing such a wonderful job for Our Lord. You are an inspiration to him and all who know you. Please keep up his good work. Take care and God has Blessed you. – ....Gail.., ..MT.... United State.....

  • My friend more greeze to your elbow. keep it up and keep up the faith. keep up the good work of spreeding the word through writing and music. Allah richly bless you. have a lovely day - Linda Nanna, ....Accra.... ....Ghana........

  • If it is his will, it will be done,maybe not on time but done nontheless, I give you much credit and bestow strenghth upon my brother this great task Which reminds me of this. Kashf al-asrar wa ..uddat al-abrar. by al-Maybudi The Unveiling of the secrets and the harness of the righteous.- Carpe Diem, ....Delft.... ....Netherlands........

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  • I'm so happy to hear that you would work on that program, since (honestly) I'm also not good enough with arabic and reciting Quran.. and if you need a translator for Indonesian or others, I'm very happy to put my hands on it. And hope your work bring a good payment in jannah, I'm also like to read HAMD or making it but I never to put a work on a HAMD for Allah.. since your articles was put in this site.. I'm plan to making it either... If you need anything thats require IT (plan to make software or other.. translate).. well that's my specialize and i'll give you for free if its for for Allah and glory for IsLam – Combody, You brother in ....Indonesia........

  • Much is destroyed but the real message of still gets through, May you be blessed with many years more. I just watched Kutlar Vadisi, we have much to do yet, and I see you doing his work. May your Praise give you Honor and Strenghth in this bittersweet life. 'Allah was known to the pre-Islamic . . . Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities' (Encyclopedia off Islam, I:406, ed. Gibb). I love him too All the Best!!! Charlie I am Carpe Diem ....Delft.... ....Netherlands....

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