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Khuda aapko apki manzil tak pahunchaye aur kamyab kare.


May Allah reward you and protect you on your trip!! Inshallah you will be the new record holder!!!!- A muslim girl from New York, United States

As Salaamu' Alaikum Brother Mustafa... And May Allah; Al Barr; The Source Of All Goodness Guide and Protect You In Your Endeavors... Masha' Allah... Fi Aman Allah... Sultan Abdul Hafiz-Bilal, OCEANSIDE, California
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NEW DELHI: 3 AUG. 2009, By the efforts of Dr. S. Farooqui (Himalaya Drugs) PANDIT MUSTAFA was invited by All India Conference of Intellectuals to sing Hamd/Sufi Song written by him. Out of 10000 verses pledged to write he has written 1308 verses till now. Longest Sufi song written in simple Hindustani was liked and appreciated all the celebrities gathered to listen him in India International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The function was presided by Shri Bhishmnarayan Singh, ex-union minister and ex governer. Prominently present dignitaries included Dr. A.R.Kidwai ex-governor Haryana, Lt. Col. K.M..Seth Ex-governor Chattisgarh, Rtd. Justice Rajesh Tondon, Major Ved Prakash Secretary AICC, GVG Krishnamurthy Ex-election commissioner of India, Rtd. DG Uttar Pradesh MR. R.R.Dixit. Dr. S.Farrouqui (Himalaya Drugs) Past President IICC, Maulana Peer Syed Shabbir Naqshbandi founder Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Memorial and Qari Ubaid-ur Rehman Aziz Usmani. From Madarsa Hussainia Islamia Arabia Meerut. They appreciated contents of Sufi Song written by Pandit Mustafa describing efforts an instrument to establish peace, unity and solidarity of humanity on the basis of teachings of Islam and quraan.

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Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Saturday June 27, 2009 Page. 7

Verse to better ties

‘Pundit’ Mustafa Arif will pen 10,000 verses for communal peace

10,000 The number of verses Mustafa Arif’s poem would have in order to set the world record for the longest Sufi poem in Hindi. Till now, over a period of a year, Arif has penned 1,204 verses.

“There are a lot of misconceptions, sometimes due to the acts of a few misguided
men in our community itself, regarding Islam in the country...Raah a Khuda will bring out the innate goodness in Quran a Sharif- MUSTAFA ARIF ,,

Abhishek Sharan
New Delhi, June 26

EVERY TIME he reads or hears of violence in the name of Islam or Hinduism. Mustafa Arif (59) a Hindi poet, says some thing dies within him.

A follower of Sufism, Arif takes pride in introducing himself as ‘Pundit’ since this honorific was bestowed upon him by the All India Brahmin Samaj for his services to an Ujjain temple 17 years ago.

His ‘20 year long desire’ to neutralize those seeking to drive a wedge among people in the name of religion has led Arif to set upon himself the arduous task of composing the world’s longest Sufi poem in Hindi that would have 10,000 verses.

Arif’s work in progress has already attracted the attention of Guinness World Records, the universally recognized authority on record breaking achievements.

Till now over a period of a year. Arif has penned 1,204 verses – known as hamd in Sufi literature. Each hamd consists of 18 lines.

‘The poem will be a rhymed collection of 10,000 verses composed in conversational Hindi,” said Arif.

Titled book Raah-e-khuda (Path to God), the poem aims to act as bridge amid Hindus and Muslims, says Arif.

“There are a lot of misconceptions some time due to the acts of a few misguided men in our community itself, regarding Islam in the country- Raah a Khuda will bring out the innate goodness in Quran e Sharif that exhorts Muslims to be noble and peace loving.”

“The Guinness World Records’ authority recently informed me that once my poem is composed and recited in front of their observers, they would consider it as a record.” Said Arif.

Till now Arif has finished writing 1,204 verses and is keen to wrap up the rest soon. “Once the poem is done I will have to recite it non-stop. That might take have than 48 hours.”

“Ye kaisa jihad hai? Yeh kaisa ittehad hair? Allah se darne walon, ye kais shankhnad hai? (Of what sort of is this ubity? What is this unity? If you really honor Allah, what is this calmour about? reads an angry verse from his collection.

Another verse presents his take on the essence of religious identity.

“Jo hinsa se dur rahein woh Hindu kehlata, salamati de saarey jag ko Islami ho jata hai. (Hindu is one who stays away from vilience. A true Muslim provides succour to the world.”

Arif writes only when “inspired”’ across scrapebooks that are carefully preserved by him. “Two of the verses I wrote, I believe, were dictated to em in sub-conscious state by divine powers,” he said.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


With the Pledge to write upto the last breath, Inshallah. I have started my journey of writing Sufi Song/Hamd with the aim to write forever on 4th April 2008. By the grace and blessings of Allah Subhanahu till today I have written 1136 verses. First Concert of my singing was organized in India Islamic Centre, New Delhi, India on 12th April 2009. On this occasion I have recited 50 verses on 3 selected subject. Written is simple Hindi-Urdu language, in the language of common men, melody and lyric was appreciated by audience.

Ex-president of India Islamic Center (IICC) Dr. S. Farooq presided over the program under the special presence of Mr. Siraj Qureshi President of IICC as a chief guest. Mr. Tanvee Ahmed, ex-chairman Haj Committee of India conveyned the program. While General Secreatary of IICC Mr. Wasi Nomani conducted the program of sufi song presentation by writer and singer of song Pandit Mustafa Arif.

By the kindness of Allah Subhanahu famous Times Music have given consent to release audio CD of first 558 verses.

HAMD- Hamd is a form of Sufi Song or poem composed to praise the Allah, Ishwar or God....... ..

RAHE-KHUDA- Pandit Mustafa Arif known for regular and daily poem writing in Hindi has now crossed another mile stone by composing longest Hamd titled RAHE-KHUDA, in the Islamic History. 558 verses long Hamd comprises words of Allah or Ishwar or God for the betterment of humanity to unite them on common platform of Allah or Ishwar or God. The mantra of Sufism is quite simple- We love each other and we love God & God loves us and that’s all it is....... ..

MOTO- modern generation do not have time to understand the word of Allah or God nor they have inclination toward this to follow. To lead a successful life and to get favor of God it is necessary to understand directions, teachings and way of life described in Quraan by Allah for the benefit of human being. Through Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in Quraan Allah has clearly revealed and instructed human being all good and bad. Very simple Hindi-urdu words will spell bound people to follow and adopt the message of Islam and Allah....... ..

COMMUNAL HARMONY-Almost all Hamd till now were written in Urdu or language connected to Arabic. But Rahe-khuda is written completely in very simple Hindi mainly and Urdu. Beside message of Islam and Quraan, many concepts resembles to Indian culture are also included. The language is very simple and appealing, which will surely liked by all and help in creating communal harmony and removing feelings of hatred....... ..

WHY PANDIT- He always believes in communal harmony and take active participations in the religious activities of all religion. He was the member of campaigning committee of ....Mahakaleshwar.. ..Temple.... ....Ujjain.... and chairman of publicity committee of Balhanuman ....temple.. ..Ujjain..... Title of Pandit and Prashuram Shri were conferred on Him in the national convention of All India Brahmin Samaj in the auspicious presence of Shankracharya of Bhanpura Peeth Swami Divyanandji Tirth and Late Agni Pithadhishwar Acharya Swami Prakashanandji....... ..

UNIQUE PROJECT- As this will be the longest Hamd written till now is unique in many sense. It comprises 558 verses coinciding the number of verse included in Holy Quraan. The verses composed have more human values then mere religious values. This work reveals that Holy Quraan is not only for Islamic believers but have messages for all human being. This Hamd will surely help to bring entire humanity on one platform of Allah/Ishwar/God. This consists all qualities of divineness and spirituality to spell bound people....... ..Rahe Khuda is mostly written in Simple Hindustani Language to avoid toughness of Sankritised Hindi and Arabic Urdu. The message given through simple melody is easily understanding and digestible. This is a fact that modern generation has inclination to acquire the knowledge of Religious books, but burdened with their academic study they do not have that much time to devote for such activities. But if this is served through simple and soothing melody in simple language, they will easily grasp the message and appreciate it too....... .... ..

GLOBAL APPRECIATION- Here is few comments I receive from all over the world-

....· I couldnt wait after hearing your verses of hamd in your voice ,To convey my feelings, Allah showers all his blessing on you, It has been writen by the guidence of the almighty and it is the need of the hour for us .Words can not describe the emotion i experienced hearing the hamd .Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor from tongue If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, that is illumination of heart. I will be highly honoured to be of some help to you although i am nothing compared to the project you have taken up and Inshaallah you will complete it by His help. In the word of Rumee the great sufee poet- Don't look at your form, however ugly or beautiful. Look at love and at the aim of your quest. ... O you whose lips are parched, keep looking for water. Those parched lips are proof that eventually you will reach the source.' Rumi – HAMID HASAN, BANGLAA ..FILM.. DIRECTOR ...... ..·

Would love to read a bit of your literature...let me know whenever it is accessible on your page or a web site or else...greetings! - Guillaum Barraud , ....Paris.., ..France....

Your projects sound interesting. Would love to read your poetry soon. keep in touch. Best wishes, MOHAMED ABBAS ASSANI, 'Sitar & Tabla Player' , ....Leeds.., ..United Kingdom.....

My name is Joshua, I'm a disciple of Ms. Patel. Your poem sounds absolutely fascinating. I'm sure my Guruji would be very interested in it as well. Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help. Tat Tvam Asi! namaste, Josh. - Hasu Patel, Classical, ....WESTLAKE.., ..Ohio.. ..United States....,

Here's wishing you all the very best in your labour of love... it certainly sounds like a very interesting project. Thanks for adding us as Friends. All the best, Sanjo and Chandrani, Acoustic / Pop / Alternative, Acoustic / Pop / Alternative, ....New Delhi.., ..India........

Best of luck with this worthwhile task, pleasure to have you on board. 'Guitar Virtuoso DAVE SHARMAN ' United Kingdom

Salaam alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak. I keep trying to write to you but your page is set to 'away'. How do I read your 'longest hamd'? Do you have it posted somewhere? May Allah reward you the best........ moonlight mystic, ....TUCSON.., ..Arizona.. ..United States....

I admire your steadfast belief and I wish you every success with your project. But I cannot put myself forward as I am a non-believer and indeed if I am wrong I will find out on the day of judgement. Please send me the poem when it is done I would love to read it. Till then may you find blessings for your work. Fayyaz Virji, Jazz / Soundtracks / Film music / ....Classical.., ..UK........

Congratulation for completing the hamd. Would u pliz e-mail me the Hamd, so that I can listen tke cre Allah Hafiz - Kulsum S. BANO- Fiji....

I like it also. it's from ndptrsn55444676. would you show us your 500 verses? i would really appreciate it. ....Lia Ravelo Kalookan City.., ..Philippines........

Mustafa, you are doing such a wonderful job for Our Lord. You are an inspiration to him and all who know you. Please keep up his good work. Take care and God has Blessed you. – ....Gail.., ..MT.... United State.....

My friend more greeze to your elbow. keep it up and keep up the faith. keep up the good work of spreeding the word through writing and music. Allah richly bless you. have a lovely day - Linda Nanna, ....Accra.... ....Ghana........

If it is his will, it will be done,maybe not on time but done nontheless, I give you much credit and bestow strenghth upon my brother this great task Which reminds me of this. Kashf al-asrar wa ..uddat al-abrar. by al-Maybudi The Unveiling of the secrets and the harness of the righteous.- Carpe Diem, ....Delft.... ....Netherlands........

Masha Allah, Keep up the good work Mustafa bhai - Safaraz Magus, ....Bangalore.... ....India

........I want to appriciate you for your writing about holy pak quran,I dont know about you anything,though I am getting mail as a friend how ?I am from bangladesh,I dont know english,only few.But I can read & understand. I want to know where are you staying?I like & love allah pak,sobhanhuthaala.from my childhood,My mom was pious,29th may is her 1st death anniversary.I missed her lots.- Hurain Dhaka ....Bangladesh........

Good job.........have a great day - Lady Tweets Fellsmere, FL , ....United States.... ....

I'm so happy to hear that you would work on that program, since (honestly) I'm also not good enough with arabic and reciting Quran.. and if you need a translator for Indonesian or others, I'm very happy to put my hands on it. And hope your work bring a good payment in jannah, I'm also like to read HAMD or making it but I never to put a work on a HAMD for Allah.. since your articles was put in this site.. I'm plan to making it either... If you need anything thats require IT (plan to make software or other.. translate).. well that's my specialize and i'll give you for free if its for for Allah and glory for IsLam – Combody, You brother in ....Indonesia........

Much is destroyed but the real message of still gets through, May you be blessed with many years more. I just watched Kutlar Vadisi, we have much to do yet, and I see you doing his work. May your Praise give you Honor and Strenghth in this bittersweet life. 'Allah was known to the pre-Islamic . . . Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities' (Encyclopedia off Islam, I:406, ed. Gibb). I love him too All the Best!!! Charlie I am Carpe Diem ....Delft.... ....Netherlands....

Jazaak Allah saif - Saif, Karachi-Pakistan

Congratulation's really happy for u for all ur achievement in wat u do...may Allah bless u n give u more inspiration in future! - Zilaa, ....Petaling Jaya.., ..Malaysia....

you are really doing a great job, I am with you and always will be by your side. Domum Bejja, ....Rainbow City.., ..Uganda....

Hi, you have a very noble idea of uniting humanity. i support you with that. God, Allah Yaweh, whatever is the name, He is the only proof of life we have.we must love each other! - Paula Besas, ....Davao City.., ..Philippines....Good luck in your project.- Ersvam, ....Dutton.., ..Romania....

I am very interst with qur'an, can I know your activities? – Alpepa, ....Semarang.., ..Indonesia.....Inshallah

I would like to take part in this project. And we can set up an internet meeting soon. Since i just got my yahoo messenger again. So in what way exactly can I help?- Nawid, ....London.., ..UK....